Top 5 Online Sportsbooks for U.S. Players

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August 12, 2019
August 14, 2019

Top 5 Online Sportsbooks for U.S. Players

There are hundreds of sportsbooks which have emerged online throughout the globe, but we have narrowed down the list to the top 5 online sportsbooks that do business in the USA. The method we employed to make this list was to gather information from a number of the very well-respected sportsbook review sites on the internet, curate themand create a summarized score for every sportsbook. By combining information from these web sites, we believe that we avoid prejudice that any one reviewer may give to these sportsbooks. Further, it’s crucial to note that because the legal climate for sports betting in America is complicated this list is for the very best online sportsbooks in the United States only. Bettors in other nations may have less or more benefits to utilizing other online sportsbooks. While we won’t get into the legal climate of betting on this site, the posting found on Is Online Sports Betting Legal? Is a great reference. We started this list back in 2013, and will continue to upgrade every six weeks or so when new information becomes available. With that, here is your listing of the top 5 online sportsbooks for U.S. taxpayers:
#5 — Youwager
Youwager Logo
With close to twenty five years experience in the industry, Youwager begins off our listing in the #5 slot! Their unique platform works well on either a desktop computer and portable devices making for seamless usage across devices. While betting on the conventional stuff can be obtained, Youwager interferes with the finest Player Prop betting interface in the industry. Having a long history of excellent support and client opinions, Youwager has shown they are a great sportsbook to utilize.
Youwager Minimum Deposit: $20
Youwager Minimum Internet Bet: $1
To Join in Youwager: Combine Youwager
For a full review of the Youwager sportsbook: Youwager Sportsbook Review
#4 — GTBets
GTBets Logo
Though GTBets only started up their operation in 2011, they’ve built a fantastic reputation among the best sportsbooks in the industry. GTBets offers their clients a great set of deposit promotions also has a rewards system that’s only one of the best from the out there. For those out there searching for a solid mobile site, GTBets also provides. The sleek interface and easy navigation makes betting on your smartphone equally enjoyable and simple. Since inception, they have increasingly made upgrades to enhance the rear end of their system and we do not anticipate the upgrades to slow down in 2019. There are a lot of things to enjoy about this sportsbook and their reputation should continue to grow in time.
GTBets Minimum Deposit: $35
GTBets Minimum Internet Bet: $1
To sign up at GTBets: Combine GTBets
For a full overview of the GTBets sportsbook: GTBets Sportsbook Review
#3 — BetOnline
BetOnline Logo
BetOnline has been is business since 2001 so we like to refer to them as the”old guy on the block”. This designation does not follow they aren’t ahead of the curve when comparing them to other sportsbooks. In 2017, they were also the first sportsbook to provide Ethereum and Litecoin as alternatives for deposit and withdrawal. They also offer a variety of different options for depositing cash (including MasterCard and Visa) and they offer one free withdrawal every 30 days by check. They’ve an all-around very good website and what I presume is your best mobile site of any sportsbook on the market. I am also a massive proponent for non betting limits and BetOnline fits the bill with a $1 minimum wager online!
BetOnline Minimum Deposit: $50
BetOnline Minimum Internet Bet: $1
To sign up at BetOnline: Combine BetOnline
For a full overview of this BetOnline sportsbook: BetOnline Sportsbook Review
#2 — 5Dimes
Based out of San Jose, Costa Rica, 5Dimes. Eu is among the biggest names in the sportsbook business. Setting up an account within the world wide web is extremely simple and their minimal deposit was recently changed to $25 if the deposit is using Bitcoin. 5Dimes has an extensive selection of gaming choices — Straights, Totals, Parlays, Teasers, Open Parlays, Open Teasers and Progressive Parlays — to name a couple. This variety of betting options is unquestionably what sets 5Dimes apart from the other sportsbooks. Their reduced juice offerings for new players (-105 pricing) is also a huge advantage for the new bettor. Perhaps the best advantage of 5Dimes is that they allow an industry minimum bet of 50 cents which really plays into the non-serious gambler.
5Dimes Minimum Deposit: $25
5Dimes Minimum Internet Bet: $0.50
To Join at 5Dimes: Join 5Dimes
For a Complete review of the 5Dimes sportsbook: 5Dimes Sportsbook Review
#1 — Bovada
With arguably the best reputation in the market, Bovada shines as our greatest sportsbook for U.S. players. Bovada includes a significant welcome bonus that offers free wagers around 50% of your deposit. This free bet can be maxed at $250 and it may be used on any type of wager in the sportsbook. Bovada also includes a well-designed cellular web site which makes putting bets on the move with your Android or iOS device quite easy. Another benefit to using Bovada is their live betting platform. This gives the bettor the skills to bet on a wide array of prop bets during a game up. The 1 drawback I have with Bovada is the gambling lines seem to come out a little bit later than the other sportsbooks. As long as you don’t mind waiting until the first afternoon to make your bets on basketball and baseball games then you won’t have an issue with Bovada. Taking all of this into account, and knowing that Bovada is extremely secure and dependable, gives us great reason to mention Bovada #1 at our list of top 5 online sportsbooks for U.S. Gamblers.
Bovada Minimum Deposit: $20
Bovada Minimum Internet Bet: $1
To Join in Bovada: Join Bovada
For a full review of the Bovada sportsbook: Bovada Sportsbook Review
Sportsbook Superlatives
Very best Sportsbook for your First-Time Bettor: Bovada
Best Sportsbook for the Professional Bettor: 5Dimes
Widest Selection of Games to Bet: 5Dimes
Widest Selection of Futures to Bet: BetOnline
Simplest Sportsbook to Use: Bovada
Best Lines/Lowest Juice: SportBet
Finest Customer Support: BetAnySports
Best Player and Player Rewards: GTBets
Promotions: Bovada
Greatest for Player Props: Youwager
Best Mobile Platform: BetOnline
Best Bitcoin Sportsbook: Nitrogen Sports
Cheapest/Easiest/Most Reliable Payouts: 5Dimes
Best Live Betting: Bovada
Best Horse Racebook: GTBets
Best Casino: Bovada
Honorable Mention
Our list of sportsbooks that just missed out on making our top five.
SportsBetting Logo
Since being purchased by the BetOnline group, the SportsBetting brand has truly taken off. Offering an amazing array of futures , desired odds, and a sleek mobile betting platform, SportsBetting is quite deserving to have made their way onto this listing! Their best promotion is that every deposit is matched using 25% free play, and this can be guaranteed for the lifetime of your accounts. SportsBetting was quick to jump onto the Bitcoin train thus depositing and withdrawing money is very fast and simple. Cheap betting limits and dependable payouts will also be why we recommend SportBetting as a extremely trusted brand.
SportBetting Minimum Deposit: $50
SportBetting Minimum Internet Bet: $1
To sign up in SportBetting: Combine SportsBetting
For a full overview of this SportBetting sportsbook: SportsBetting Sportsbook Review
Nitrogen Sports
Nitrogen Sports Logo
The Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook is a relatively new business that has made some noise as the most popular”Bitcoin Only” sportsbook. This book is exceptional in that all transactions, bets, parlays, etc. are completed in the Bitcoin (BTC) currency. While this does add a level of sophistication in that the Bitcoin money isn’t secure, it has it’s benefits also. The Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook is completely anonymous and depositing and withdrawing money is virtually instantaneous! There’s also a great selection of sports, props and game ups that are readily available.
Nitrogen Sports Minimum Deposit: None
Nitrogen Sports Minimum Internet Bet: 0.001 BTC
To Join in Nitrogen Sports: Combine Nitrogen Sports
For a Complete review of the Nitrogen Sports sportsbook: Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook Review
SportBet logo As part of the 5Dimes household, SportBet secures a great reputation and stands out as the book to visit for good lines! Their Super Saver Bonus gives the player around 30% greater odds than they would get in the average sportbook and this comes as the standard bonus package for the participant when signing up. SportBet also provides very early action on all of the games and provides a few of the best parlay odds from the industry too. There are also certain payout approaches that will get you your winnings on precisely the same day! Truly, the only thing keeping this novel from their top five is you get a great deal of the very same benefits from their sister website, 5Dimes. But the Super Saver Bonus isn’t a part of 5Dimes so that’s an advantage for registering with SportBet.
SportBet Minimum Deposit: $50
SportBet Minimum Internet Bet: $1
To Join in SportBet: Combine SportBet
For a Complete review of the SportBet sportsbook: SportBet Sportsbook Review
Upgrades 8/20/2018- Additional Youwager to the listing.
12/17/2017- Updated Superlatives list.
11/29/2017- No modification in the listing, but updated information for each sportsbook.
7/25/2017- Added Nitrogen Sports.
5/24/2017- While we have a relatively clear top 3, there is not much difference between #4 and also our Honorable Mention novels. We’re moving SportBetting up to #4 based on their amazing bonus structure.
9/13/2016- BetOnline goes up because of ancient lines and overall reputation. SportBet moves up on having elite chances.
6/14/2016- BetAnySports added into the list. GTBets moves up with new betting interface.
10/19/2015- GTBets around #4, SportsBetting down to #5, only on the fact that you get something different in GTBets whereas SportBetting and BetOnline share a virtually identical platform. Additional SportBet to the listing.
9/19/2014- SportsBetting around #4, GTBets around #5 and Leading Bet down to Honorable Mention. This is of no fault to Top Bet, SportsBetting and GTBets have proven to be a fantastic sportsbooks.
7/10/2014- is on the list as Honorable Mention. WagerWeb falls off the list completely.
5/15/2014- moves up from #5 to #3. enters the list at #5. WagerWeb falls into Honorable Mention from #3.
11/11/2013- Dropped BetDSI from #2 to Honorable Mention due to the price of payouts is very high and I think their customer service may be somewhat better. Pushed 5Dimes up to #2 from #4 because they’ve been an all round good publication. Dropped Top Rated to 4 from #3, and welcomed WagerWeb into the mixture at #3.
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